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Re: Break falls can be a problem!

William Oakes wrote:
Not for nothing, but if you get trapped from doing a roll, either forward or back, during a throw, its either an exceptional Nage or bad ukemi. I lean towards bad ukemi.
OK. In Kote-gaeshi, your left hand is held by the nage, what is a "good" ukemi in your definition?

William Oakes wrote:

Its been my experience, that rolling out of these techniques is a means to escape or leads to Henka waza(reversals).
How do you roll out of a Ikkyo while the nage controls your wrist and elbow?

William Oakes wrote:

Good ukemi, which in this case experience and body movement, prevent face planting by using the uncaptured arm to support the body so uke can lower him or herself to the mat.
simple question, do you do this front breakfall yourself? If you do, you'll realize you have to use your back muscle to throw your leg UP as I described in my previous post.

Everyone has different physical ability and tolerance of risky movements. One has to decide for himself when and how far to push the limits.

I think it's a little bit "fruity" to condemn breakfall by saying "breakfall is a good ukemi gone bad".
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