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Re: Women in the dojo...VERY politically incorrect...

It seems some people can't get over themselves. If you got sex issues, see a therapist. We all live together, and work at it. If not then start a fire some where else. Refering to the "Silly..." which I agree with. This thread has gone no where.
IMHO, the only way to "get over" ourselves is to speak openly and finally change our mental maps about how we think everything should be. I know we think we have come a long way on this sex-role issue, but I don't believe we truly have. The biggest issue with women in th dojo is men's attitude towards them. I am a man who enjoys training with anyone that wants to train hard regardless of their gender.

If a thread, or life, goes nowhere its because people are not open to new views or change. That rigidity is more in need of a therapist than someone who is willing to speak their mind about these issues. I am a psychotherapist by profession so I speak with some expertise in this area.

If we are always "politically correct" we will never address and change the things that are "politically incorrect".

Okay, he steps off his soapbox and bows as he leaves the mat.

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