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Re: Steven Seagal and Aikido, your thoughts

hmmm i just read through that whole 5 pages...god that took me a long time,
now there r so many issues and discusions in here it would be impossible for me to imput my view in one page, hmmm so i wont go into detail just state some things briefly
1. aikido definatly does work i have seen it and read about it working so many times against all forms, im not saying its the best martial art or anything like that but it definatly works.
2.steven seagal's aikido definatly works! i think his aikido in comparison to others is slightly harsher but everyone has their own aikido and their own style, thats aikido there's plenty of styles, im fustrated as to all you guys can bag him, who are we to judge his aikido and the way he approaches his personal life..whats it got to do with you, you dont even know if half of it is true,

to the one's that are bagging him out (not mentioning names) you obviously are not getting the proper message of aikido and aint following the whole harmony aspect in the right way, i pity you and i do hope that eventually you will discover your self and ur harmony with everything
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