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Re: Women in the dojo...VERY politically incorrect...

Okay, so you really really want to discuss the ever evolving gender roles? I think it's great that men are now house husbands. But, is this option for men still given the same regard as women who stay in the home? No, men are demeaned called lazy and treated badly for making such a choice. They are treated badly because the role of mother is still not considered an equivalent as going out and earning the money and bringing home the bacon. If our society, at least this U.S. American one, is to change our attitudes toward the role of nuturing and raising children has to change.

The ideal in my mind would be that a woman and a man would choose based on their skills, personality what they truely want to do -- some men would prefer to stay home and raise the kids while the wife brings home the bacon; some woman would prefer to stay home and raise the kids while her husband brinds home the bacon; and even some couple prefer to do both and share in the raising of a family and in supporting one. Either one of our choices would be great and empowering in my point of view.

I think it is just as bad if men feel as demeaned as women did for centuries. I don't believe in suppressing one party in order to hold the other up. I live in South Florida and do you know how many people have not hired me in Miami-Dade county because the majority of people there prefer to speak Spanish over English? The final question in my interviews are usually, "do you speak spanish?" It's frustrating as hell, but I still persevere, learn some Spanish, and move on with my life.

Anne Marie Giri
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