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Re: Paradox: God cannot not believe

"God is good becomes god is not good. Not good does not mean bad but rather the removal of the finite limitation of the characteristic of goodness. Really interesting."

It is interesting when one comes out and think about this. Especially when playing with the words of infinity and finite.

Personally I believe that good and evil are only representations made by human beings to better understand their relative position in the world therein. We however are incapable of comparing our notions with that of God. First of all, don't even bother thinking in dichotomy. Such as man/woman, good/evil, large/small. God exists and is. Thats all. Oh that God vs Satan just cracks me up too.

When you think more about the universe, then you'll see why our sense of relativity is so skewed and miniscule. Our sense of big are mountains. Our sense of infinity can be the drops of water in the world's oceans. Our sense of speed is limited by the speed of light. Yet, what is earth compared to our solar system. What is our solar system compared to the galaxy, and what is galaxy compared to the universe? How big is the universe? In the seconds that it took to create the universe and its rapid expansion to its present (currently enlarging) size, do we even have a relative measurement of that?

Yet here we are, trying to measure up God.

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