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Re: Women in the dojo...VERY politically incorrect...


I see you wish to propagate a particular angle, or view, on the voice of woman, bravo to you. It is a voice very evident in your past post in this thread. You felt, in short, woman don't want to be stuck in the kitchen, they want a choice. A familiar call, that echos past decades ago, that told Harriet being a housewife was prison. A revolutionary voiced hailing "Free Edith Bunker." A voice that has change society, where woman today are able to look at their vagina's, bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan; running multi-million dollar companies, hold high government office, and have maids and nannies run their households. Who are finding themselves overstressed and suffering from a higher rate of heart disease. The list goes on, and in various degrees of success, and suffering. Therefore, I can see your advocation not to label this thread as "Silly." Where it hit home to me, seeing your view, was when you mentioned recently that in the past the view points of men where less intelligent then recently- in a span of 3 years. Boy, have us men evolved in 3 years!

As more and more men, are finding an smaller and smaller job market, they find themselves in role reversal. There are more and more men at home today then ever before. These men are house husbands, if you may wearing the apron strings, eating bon-bons on the couch, they are the Taxis, child-care providers, secondary incomes, and all the other things woman have traditionally done in the past that spurred the voice of a sex revolution, by woman. Men now are the one's doing the balancing act. Some that I talk to love it for a host of reasons, others hate it. Just like woman did 50 years ago.

Yes, you too said it, this is a silly thread, and men have become more intelligent ( a statement blatantly stereotypical and a gross misjudgment of men), but what you haven't mentioned, or maybe not living, is that society has changed. The next voice of change will be:
A. That of woman complaining about the men at home, Doh! Some woman pass that down from generation to generation.

B. That of men wanting change. Men tired of being stuck in the kitchen.

Basically, we have have to keep up with the times, and our arguments as well.

Have a nice day.
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