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Ljupco Osavkov
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Re: 5th Anniversary of the Macedonian Aikido Association

Mr. Papados,
I'm very sorry that you feel this way! I'm not history and sightseeing expert like you and I would not argue on this with you but I can tell you, Macedonian Aikido Association is registered organization by the laws of my country. Maybe, also you don't like and my personal name Ljupco, but what can I do? That is the name my grand grandfather gave it to me so it will be disrespectful if I even try to change it.
About modesty....NO......... but,
SHOSHIN would be a good start for me and you, my aikido friend...
I don't want to offend our highly respected host on this forum so this is my first and last reply on this subject.

Ljupco Osavkov
MAA Chairman
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