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Re: Steven Seagal and Aikido, your thoughts

I am not pointing a finger at any certain person, but trying to remind anyone who may get too full of there art,
This is a good reminder I think. As someone who essentially has only an Aikido experience, I value the opinions of those who regularly practice other styles.

What I meant was "In Shaolin they "were" peacefull true and true, or they lived a life of peace. Buddhist priests, Shaolin C'han. They "were" amongst the most peacefull individuals on the planet, and if one would look closley at a style that is still authentic they may see alot of similarites between Shaolin and Aikido. But as for the sparring matches, it isnt that ALL the matches resulted in 2 months of recovery
I see what you mean about the first part of this and I figured that last part was just an example. My point was that I'd rather never have to rest 2 months or even 2 weeks, if I can help it. The idea behind "no competitions" is that Aikido techniqes can be very dangerous and that really trying your hardest could mean someone will get seriously hurt. I agree one can temper their competition to accomodate this though. Shodokan Aikido does this and in fact, to address the other post, uses tanto training a lot in their conpetitions as I how to bring Seagal Sensei into this...hmmm...
ok I'll stick to topic from now on...and this time I mean it!
Take care,

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