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Re: Steven Seagal and Aikido, your thoughts

Ok, first off, just because the founder did somthing doesnt really mean much when you are the one in the hot seat.
I was refering to the fact that the edict of not competing was given by a person with competition experience. In this way, perhaps it could be said that Seagal isn't representing aikido on the big screen? (trying not to break topic too much...sorry guys for doing so)

Does that mean we have a great art? Maybe,,,I believe it is complete, but I have heard of many who would resite stories about what Grandmaster did, and he did this and that, yet they always somehow manage to evade confrontation in full contact.
You mean the people who tell stories of OSensei fighting never engage in fights/competitions? Tohei, I believe, was given the rare request by OSensei to engage a South American Wrestler in competition, so at least some of those who speak of his experiences did in fact compete.

"This is exactly why so many people have so little respect for traditional martial arts in MMA competitions."

The respect of others isn't a thing I care so much about, but it's a valid point that all theory and no testing makes for an empty martial a sense, hollow, at least.
I'll write more when i have more time...take care,

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