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I undertand your situation very well. Before I came to Japan, I was one of the instructors in the University College London Aikido Club and we were always worried about potential students. But we always had enough to run the club. As for demonstrations, we did what we could: the basic techniques like shiho-nage and irimi-nage, from attacks which were as focussed as possible. I have always found that when you are on the stage, the adrenalin flows and you can sometimes do things which you never consciously learned in your training.

Anyway please feel free to contact me via my private e-mail address and I can perhaps give you more concrete suggestions.

Yours sincerely,

P A Goldsbury

PS While I was writing this, Jacob already sent his post and I agree with his main sentiments. If your sensei cannot attend, then you have to do what you can. Thus your demonstration should be 'authentic' and should show what aikido means to you, as students.

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