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Re: Favorite woods

Cocobolo is another one of those wonderfully hard and heavy tropical hardwoods that shatter with impact because they are not very flexible. Simlar to ebony, rosewood, and bubinga.

By reputation, a really great wood is Ironbark Eucalyptus. It is not very attractive, but it grows in an area with frequent brushfires. The bark has evolved to being fire-resistant, and the wood is often naturally fireharded.

Some of the other eucalyptus are quite hard, but only Australian grown. Eucalyptus is infested with a wood borer. The tree defends itself by growing slowly with a very tight grain. Eucalyptus was transplanted to California and elsewhere in hopes of establishing a fast growing hardwood for railroad ties, etc. Without the wood borer, the tree grows even more rapidly, with an open grain. Not nearly as hard nor shock resistent.

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