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How to do an Aikido Demonstration

A friend and I train at an Aikido club based at Abertay University Dundee. We have both been training regularly for a little over two years.
Unfortunately the club is pretty small and there are very few regular attendees.
It is coming up to the universities start of term and we are the only members of the club available to demonstrate Aikido to the freshers at the sports fair. Our sensei is unfortunately working.
My question is:
  • What form should our demonstration take?
  • What should we cover in the demo?
  • What is the best way to get across the nature of aikido? i.e. Aikido being the way of Harmony, and having a vast philosophy behind it - applicable to everyday life.
  • What are the best techniques to demonstrate. Considering we are only 5th kyu and have been training for only 2 years. Obviously we are not Aikidoists yet so what is the best way for us to excuse our poor technique?
  • What information should we give about the art on the fliers (other than the obvious training times etc)?
  • What key points should we emphasise as reasons to join the club. i.e. Non Competetive etc...

In short, I'd just like to know the best way for a couple of begineers like us to perform a demonstration which will inspire people to take up the art.
Our club is in dire need of some new regular attendees. We are in debt to the university and desperatly need more members so we can afford to keep our training hall. This is a shame as our Senseis Aikido is clearly incredible, and he devotes much unpaid time and energy in teaching us.
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