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Ki Symbol Re: Steven Seagal and Aikido, your thoughts

Just an excuse? Are you sure you "know" the philosophy? Who derived that basic philosophy? Ueshiba, who had competed plenty from what I understand. I'd say it's a lot more than a mere excuse. Perhaps it takes a bit of arrogance to know it, but it sounds to me like you're being a bit arrogant in regards to your presumptions about Aikido philosophy. And, don't forget that there are a great many who participate in tourny's, though, yes, the vast majority do not.
Ok, first off, just because the founder did somthing doesnt really mean much when you are the one in the hot seat. Our Grandmaster could do almost superhuman feats, never have I seen anyone who could do what he was able to do, it was almost "magical". Does that mean we have a great art? Maybe,,,I believe it is complete, but I have heard of many who would resite stories about what Grandmaster did, and he did this and that, yet they always somehow manage to evade confrontation in full contact. This is exactly why so many people have so little respect for traditional martial arts in MMA competitions.
For the record, I do believe Aikido works! I know first hand it does, I have felt it, and I have executed it in real situations, it is one of the most beautiful arts I have ever seen.
I am not pointing a finger at any certain person, but trying to remind anyone who may get too full of there art, or 'what their art is capable of, but of course one must be at a high level in which they arent yet but they do know of OTHERS can do it.
True" how? I don't understand that part. I suppose "peacefull" is a relative term. I'd rather not have to recover from training in that long a period of time. I don't know what degree of recovery you're refering to so my impression could be way off, but that sounds like a weakened state someone might be able to exploit when it really mattered.
What I meant was "In Shaolin they "were" peacefull true and true, or they lived a life of peace. Buddhist priests, Shaolin C'han. They "were" amongst the most peacefull individuals on the planet, and if one would look closley at a style that is still authentic they may see alot of similarites between Shaolin and Aikido. But as for the sparring matches, it isnt that ALL the matches resulted in 2 months of recovery, but that is an example of how severe they were. They were not weak in anyway, but all very strong resulting in sparring that we would call Extreme. Just making an example of passive monks that even believe in competing, they did against each other in the temples, and even the one who raised my Sifu did out of the temple conducting many of matches, ussually out in parks, and he had "Open Challenges" from any styles that wished to participate.
Call it arrogence or what ever you wish, but I am just comenting on what I have seen, felt, and done. And I think people must take a serious look at their arts, and themselves. I understand not having to prove anything if we know amongst us that we are good, but when respect is being lost everyday, we may wanna take a closer look. Oh yeah, I do like Seagal great movies, great fight scenes

"When you cease to strive to understand, then you will know without understanding." -- Caine
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