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Re: Steven Seagal and Aikido, your thoughts

"People say Seagal is arrogent, yet at the same time I always hear from other Aikido practitioners out here how effective their art is, yet none of them prove it in tourny. That sounds arrogent to me!"

Some think tourny's breed arrogance. Now, of course it comes down to the individual as to how they approach it in their mind, just as for any Aikidoka with regard to ability. People prove their ability in a number of ways. At my dojo back home in the US we never compete in tourny's, but when training with someone with some ability whom we know, we step it up gradually. Arrogance is usually based in assumptions of yourself with regard to other people, wouldn't you say? It's a natural part of learning though, in my opinion.

"Yes I know the philosophy of Aikido and yes I love it, but Aikido being an art of peace is just an excuse to not compete!"

Just an excuse? Are you sure you "know" the philosophy? Who derived that basic philosophy? Ueshiba, who had competed plenty from what I understand. I'd say it's a lot more than a mere excuse. Perhaps it takes a bit of arrogance to know it, but it sounds to me like you're being a bit arrogant in regards to your presumptions about Aikido philosophy. And, don't forget that there are a great many who participate in tourny's, though, yes, the vast majority do not.

"And yes we compete, full contact,,,because if you are being traditionally trained in the real art you should have no worries."

I agree tourny's are one way to measure ability. However, they are not the sum total of this ability.

"I mean in Shaolin, I was told by my Sifu that in the old days they would take up to a couple of months at time to heal from a sparring match. Yet they were peacefull tru and true."

"True" how? I don't understand that part. I suppose "peacefull" is a relative term. I'd rather not have to recover from training in that long a period of time. I don't know what degree of recovery you're refering to so my impression could be way off, but that sounds like a weakened state someone might be able to exploit when it really mattered.

"Seagal arrogent? Maybe, but he tried, failed, and learned too"

I never met the man. But it sounds to me like here you're just making an excuse to be arrogant Just teasing of course.
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