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Wink Re: best aikido you have seen

Easily the best teacher ive ever had or seen by far (apart from his father of course)
You can see in his classes how much passion he has for teaching and love for new students, He has really learnt a great teaching method from his father. My last stays in Iwama where the best time in my life, apart from the lack of sex in my life at the time but thats uchideshi for ya. His weapons are now second to none and his memory of Osensie and his teaching is still huge. His body form is so identical to that of the founders, when you see Osensei standing in hanmi holding bokken and then see H the 2 look so alike in posture.

2ND would have to be DANIEL TOUTAIN SENSIE, head of Iwama France. His expericance and history in Aikido is huge, trains and teaches exactley to Hitohiros way, a carbon copy, plus with his long history of training in the aikikai makes him a very good alrounder in aikido, not only is his kinonage very fluid but its now also solid. his uchideshi system is fantastic. and his weapons are 2nd only to the H bomb.

Patrick Cassidy for stopping my mind from being to closed
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