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Re: best aikido you have seen

Those that I have taken ukemi from...and trained with, regardless of rank who create beautiful and powerful aikido:

Morihro Saito, amazing power, talent, and technique, and a true desire to instruct all people, including me. Also, a very gentle soul. The man taught me a great deal.

Hitohiro Saito, amazing power, talent, and technique, and a great desire to instruct the novice. Also a very compassionate soul. The man taught me more than he will ever know.

Patrick Cassidy, amazing power, talent, and technique, and a gentle sense of the art. Patrick has the most amazing energy I have ever met. And has inspired me throughout my life just by my memories of his very being.

Miles Kessler, amazing power, talent, great technique, and more patience than I have ever seen in an instructor for anything anywhere. This man could teach a stone to sing if he so desired. Miles has a gentle soul but incredible power. A force of nature incarnate. And one of my favorite teachers.

Pat Hendricks, amazing power, talent, and technique, and just an amazing power. Wow! Pat is quite possibly the largest force of nature I have ever encountered. She inspires me to be all that any woman can be....any person can be.

These are my teachers, and I honor them.

There are a number of other aikidokas whom I admire from their posts on this board, and I hope to train with them someday. This includes multiple degree blackbelts to 6th kyu beginners.

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