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Re: Women in the dojo...VERY politically incorrect...

Rebecca Montange wrote:
Don't bother reading back through the thread. It's just the usual male-female silliness that crops up in the martial arts from time to time.
Since I was one of those "silly" women...

Actually, Rebecca, until recently before when many more women on this site have been posting and speaking up, the male reaction like that was quite common. "Female issues" always for some reason returned to lowest common denominator for some godforsaken reason. And it was really hard to discuss an issue with someone while they intentionally insult your intelligence. These days, the most recent "female issue" threads have become, for the most part, more reasonable, less base and more intelligent.

I agree with "just passing by" this is digging up a really old thread. I mean 2002? Sometimes it is just better to start another post than dig up ancient threads. I like seeing similar topics come up in new threads since there is always a new angle to discuss and less dust to sift through.

So I agree...It's best to let sleeping dogs lie.

Anne Marie Giri
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