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Re: Aikido Ranks and Tests : worthwhile or not.

Originally posted by Dan Kronenberg
In the Aikiweb poll of 9/9/2000, 79% of you said that Ranking should stay in Aikido.What are your reasons for saying this? This is a modern system, as far as I'm aware, and fits in with our modern goal oriented way of life.Is it not at odds with our aim of Harmony and Peace when it can become so connected to subtle competition and ego?
Come on, convince me otherwise.

Aikido is also a modern system. There's no problem involving grades, just occasional problems with individuals. If you go taking out everything that might lead somebody to behave competitively there'd be no waza practiced eventually. There's a much more obvious potential contradiction in learning martial technique for harmony and peace, don't you think? They can be connected to subtle beating the hell out of people for no reason, if you're so inclined.

You can't free yourself from your ego by hiding from it.
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