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Re: Women in the dojo...VERY politically incorrect...

Undeniably there are differences between the male and female Brain (there are psychological tests you can do which will tell you whether you are male or female (if you don't already know yourself)).

The amusing thing is, all the things we hate about women (in general), men have selected for them throughout our evolution. Conversely and all the horrible things women hate about men, women have selected for them. Thus we have to be careful about blaming the other sex for what is essentially our ancestors fault!

As a case example (not sure if this is an anecdote), male suicide rates in Sweden are supposed to have increased because many women are deciding to have children with men, but not to stay with their partners. Thus there is stronger selection for men who are quite happy to give women children with no feeling of responsibility. The deviousness of sexual competition is undeniable and prevalent in all societies - but unfortuantely it always comes around and bites us in the arse. Best to just hate people for who they are

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