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Re: Poll: How important a goal do you feel is the "aikido" notion of defending yourself while minimizing or negating damage done to your attacker?

Jun Akiyama wrote:
Hi folks,

So, what implications does your answer to this poll have on your everyday on-the-mat aikido training?

-- Jun
On the mat we're in a relatively safe situation...a controled situation. As such, this means doing everything I can to keep my partner/attacker safe while considering the environment around me. Some of us train in places where there are posts in the middle of the mat and people being thrown around and people swinging sticks furiously about, and so while we have uke in total control, we should manipulate them to avoid these hazards before throwing or pinning them, for example. I try to be as precise as possible and as in control as possible so that, ideally, i can throw uke and have him/her land on a dime at a moment's notice. Of course, trying and doing are two different things.
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