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Re: Aikido Ranks and Tests : worthwhile or not.

Originally posted by Dan Kronenberg
Recently I've been questioning whether taking tests is helpful in Aikido or whether it hinders our progress - the Art as a whole as well as individual.
As Eric Sotnak wrote elsewhere on this site
" is important to bear in mind that rank promotion does not necessarily translate into ability.The most important accomplishments in Aikido or any other martial art are not external assessments of progress,but rather the benefits of your training to yourself."
In the Aikiweb poll of 9/9/2000, 79% of you said that Ranking should stay in Aikido.What are your reasons for saying this? Is it not at odds with our aim of Harmony and Peace when it can become so connected to subtle competition and ego?
KAMI : IMO, Dan, tests and ranks are important for Aikido organizations' politics. Nothing else, nothing less.
In our group, we don't do tests and we have no ranks. We just play for pleasure and improvement.
Some people think ranks are of absolute importance (What is your rank? Who gave it to you? To what organization do you belong?). Some don't.

"We are all teachers, and what we teach is what we need to learn, and so we teach it over and over again until we learn it".
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