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Re: Poll: How important a goal do you feel is the "aikido" notion of defending yourself while minimizing or negating damage done to your attacker?

techniques where the attacker falls on the ground or the beginning of shihonage with atemi, would harm him seriously. How could we minimize the damage on "fast applied techniques, with falling end"?
In part I agree with you. The damage caused from their falling badly is the hardest part to control. However, even here you do have some choice in where your intention is for them to land. Do you choose to sweep them off their feet as powerfully as you can or instead overload their posture, the first would be more likely to cause damage in my opinion.

Your own point concerning shihonage is also a good one, do you aim the shihonage at the persons spine or go for the old arm breaker, taking it out to the side and projecting over and down? My own view is you do have choices, it's whether you can successfully execute them in what will be at the very least a stressful situation is the final deciding point.

I think in general we agree, so thanks for clarifying your post as I thought I was misunderstanding your intent.
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