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Re: Aikido 3D DVD

I make a 180 mile round trip 1 day each week to do a 1 hour class with a USAF instructor. Videos or software programs could not replace this class but they are still very useful tools, especially for someone like myself running a new club 90 miles from any established traditional Aikido club. I have Aikido3d and think it's great. You can watch the technique from any angle, even from above, and at any speed. Not a jerky frame by frame for slow motion but a nice smooth slow reply. You can pause the picture, change the angle of view then use the mouse to go backwards and forwards over a fraction of the technique (great for checking footwork or change of hand grip). It's particularly valuable for anyone studying the USAF (East) test syllabus for 5th to 1st kyu. I'm looking forward to seeing how the software develops. I would love to be able to analyze other instructor's movement using this tool.
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