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Re: Aikido 3D DVD

Brandon Needham wrote:
Well, pardon me for being ignorant, but I have seen high ranking Sensei in "Federations" give away rank for money. Wasn't trying to offend anyone, because I do not know who this person is. But I have seen an Aikido learn at home program where you get your videos sent to you along with your shodan certificate. So I beleive I was being genuin with my concern and reply. Again, it was not meant to be a reflection on any individual. If it was taken as such, well, then sorry!!!
Well, there are frauds out their that do things like that and I would agree that such practices are misguided. However, yes, I think you really jumped the gun with this one. If you have done any reading here you'd know that USAF is one of the largest Aikido associations in the U.S. and my experience is that the great majority of the people are respectful human beings and would not think to "sell" ranks through videos. If you don't know who Donovan Waite is why not ask about him and his background instead of jumping to conclusions? You'd come to find out that he is respected across different orgainzations. And he isn't some rank selling fraud.

Aikido3D is merely a teaching aid for those students in our federation, who received instruction in person by qualified and certified instructors. Our testing requirements are also found in the Power and Basics video series by Yamada Sensei, those videos have been out for years. So our testing requirements being on video is nothing new. No one gets rank from just watching a video.

Anne Marie Giri
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