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Ed Shockley
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Re: aikido bokken / kenjutsu

There's an old cliche, "All roads lead to Rome." My experience has been that as long as I train diligently then the next step and instructor always appears. Training Aiki weapons with 6th dan Henry Smith, Sensei (Chiba influenced) I met guest instructor Nizam Taleb, Sensei, 5th dan (Saito influenced). Taleb sensei later encouraged me to study with Paul Manogue, Sensei, for the experience of Kenjutsu and to compare it to Saito Shihan katas. This is simply the path that my study is traveling. I say, "Practice and study, the rest takes care of itself." It does help to have a sensei who is not intimidated by inquisitive Aikidoka but I find that all good Sensei encourage exploration. Good luck. When you're in Philly come cross swords with us at Aikikai of Philadelphia.
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