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Re: Poll: How helpful has using visual media (videos, DVDs, software, etc) been in your aikido training?

To contribute, I voted that videos haven't been helpful to my training at all because I haven't watched any - aside from the occasional video clip online.
Which isn't to say that I think that they are not or cannot be helpful. An analogy to observing videos would be my experience last week when I was coming down with a cold and didn't want to be on the mat. So I went to the dojo and watched the class. It was quite illuminating to watch two yudansha - who happen to be among the highest ranking in the dojo - while they trained, and while they were... I hesitate to say 'corrected', but it is what comes to mind... by the instructor.
So, I think that it can be very useful to observe and later mimic the form of skilled aikidoka, and thereby have more of a blueprint for the 'world of feeling' that exists in the connection between uke and nage.
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