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Re: Article: Breath by Dennis Hooker

I'm with Jørgen on this one... that was a tease! Hooker Sensei has always fascinated me, ever since I happened upon his article about the stone and the mirror. What an honor it would be to meet and train with Satome Shihan, Hooker Sensei and see them both in action.

I do train with an instructor who is a student of Hiroshi Kato Shihan from Japan. Kato Shihan felt his health wasn't what it should be (about a year ago) and began to concentrate on his breathing and working on that. He returned to Texas this past summer with even more energy and vigor than the first time I saw him in person... and we couldn't keep up with him then! I can only imagine how powerful he is now, 6 months later.

Breath is so important. Hooker Sensei, you need to hurry back and tell us where to begin!

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