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Re: Poll: How effective is learning aikido through a purely visual media (videos, DVDs, software, etc)?

Hi all,

First post !! Wooohoo

Personnaly, i see Aikido books as good as any other reference book any professional would have in his office's bookshelve, especially the ones about Aikido spirituality/philosophy (i don't believe in learning anything from static pictures, except enjoying the beauty of the art...).

I own several Saito and Saotome Sensei's Jo&Bokken DVDs and I consider these are pure priceless masterpieces. Ever tried practicing 31 jo kata alone in your living room? Having Saito (virtually) doing it with you is a good help when you don't know it perfectly.

Of course this ain't worth nothing if you never stepped on the mat! I consider books and DVDs to be more "collection" pieces for any serious aikido lover. Like good sake and sushis...can't get enough

Anyways, just wanted to break the ice with a first post
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