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Re: English to kanji translation

for awareness, I would say 意識 いしき 
self awareness 自己意識 じこいしき
I think you are going for cool kanji to do calligraphy of or something maybe right? as far as being cool, this one isn't so cool, and there weren't any others that fell into the cool category either. it could be me, Jun is a native speaker I assume, am I right about this?

next healing 癒し いやし this one is pretty cool, at least it sells a lot of products claiming to heal you. speaking mostly psychologically/spiritually.

as for healer you can say 癒し手 いやして (maybe, no hiragana in the dictionary) but I don't think this one sounds cool either. the rest are very medical sounding.

integration is a difficult one, there are a lot of different words depending on the situation. I assume you are talking about aikido, but I'm still not sure which aspect you are talking about integrating.

a great dictionary I use is here, just put the English word in the box and put the button right next to it.

by the way, how much Japanese do you understand anyway?
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