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Re: comparing arts

Ronald wrote:

I pity the Karate-ka who regrets breaking an attackers neck, and with a guilt ridden conscious imagines how he could have done it differently as he sits in a prison cell. I also pity the Aikidoist who tries to throw an assailant to the ground and pin him without hurting him; and instead offers the attacker the second opportunity needed to suddenly rob him of his life.
How about this:

I pity the aikidoka who regrets breaking an attacker's neck, and with a guilt ridden conscience imagines how he could have done differently, while sitting in prison. I also pity the karateka who tries to subdue an assailant and pin him to the ground without hurting him... you get the idea...

What I'm saying is yes, each style is effective, when used as it should be. We should not make karate what it is not and we should not make aikido what it is not.

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Nick Porter
"Do not fall into the trap of the artisan who boasts twenty years of experience, when in fact he has had only one year of experience-- twenty times."
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