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Re: Article: Symbols, Metaphors, Change by "The Mirror"

Janet Rosen wrote:
hmmm...interesting because I tend to see "need to have a planned end" as "preplanning" which to me is the opposite of "wait and see"...?
"wait and see" then, might be likened to a lack of commitment because I don't know where it's all going to end up. I don't throw myself 100% into new techniques or working with an unknown uke/nage, because I want to experience them before I can be comfortable with them. And then I want to evaluate the experience to make it fit me. Lack of trust, perhaps? I know this is going somewhere, but not exactly where, so I hedge. Hence, both wait & see and need for planned end (my plan, mind you). And hence, unsatisfying technique.
On the other hand, when I practice a familiar technique I know what is going to happen (or I think I do) and therefore am less apt to hold back.
It's a great way of yanking you out of habitual action and thinking, and as you can tell that specific class sparked a lot of thoughts.

On shomen, delivering the strike can be as much of an educating task as receiving it - my intent is never to actually strike the person; I fully expect to slice through the air where the person once stood. That was one of the first and hardest lessons in trust I had in aikido. That's a strange thing about intent - to be committed, you have to deliver the strike as if you wanted to hit the other person - but that's pretense. So the intent has to be something else - an invite seems a good metaphor, to give nage something to work with.

By the way, I never thought of you as a badger?
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