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Larry John
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Re: committed attack/sensitive ukemi paradox

A badger? As in, "When you say WIS-consin ...?" (I lived in the UP for a few years, eh?)

Sorry for any misunderstanding; our kihon waza is a flowing situation, even for newbies. That's why I called it "dynamic."

And given that you see Tim and Pauliina as having the right of the problem, I'm even more confident that "yes" is the right answer to your question. Now, as to how to get there ...

... I'm trying (though clearly not always successfully) to concentrate on the attributes I want my engagements to have--smoothness, martial honesty and tactical flexibility. I'm also trying to visualize moving as if I'm in a viscous liquid like oil (olive , of course, it's better for my old heart!).

Will let you know how it turns out .. in a decade or so, probably, knowing my rate of progress.

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