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Re: Article: Symbols, Metaphors, Change by "The Mirror"

hmmm...interesting because I tend to see "need to have a planned end" as "preplanning" which to me is the opposite of "wait and see"...?
Wait and see is deeply imbedded in me as a short term (watch and guage) not a long term (procrastinate) way of dealing with the world. On the mat, this phenomenon is PART of the pattern that leads me to an affinity for movement and technique that is timed more for the later phase of an attack.
As uke, it poses a PROBLEM for me, in that it contributes to a certain "behind the beat" restraint as I try to sense where the connected "we" are beginning to move. I don't sense this movement quickly, as I don't react to certain sensory things in the world very quickly (seems to be a processing issue); I seem to need to be able to tell myself "oh ok we are going in that direction now".
This is not the same as needing to know up front what/where the RESULT will be (which is preplanning--which translates in aikido as kihon),

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