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Re: committed attack/sensitive ukemi paradox

Larry John wrote:
So while your conjecture about Janet's problem might be completely correct, and the internal solution you propose may be just what the doctor ordered, I'd like to pose the idea that perhaps she's a bit like me--a bulldog.
Nope, I'm a badger :-)
Seriously, no, I don't hang on that way. Though in a kihon situation, I WOULD hold on to the shoulder grab because that is the "problem" I as uke have been asked to pose of nage. In a more open and flowing situation, I'd want to stay loose and looking for reversals, so not commit to just one attack.
Larry, I don't at all mind other questions and situations coming into the thread though, so don't fret for a moment!
The piece of the puzzle for me is that moment of transition and yes to some degree it IS a question of "what is being asked of me?" My nature is to be behind the beat, watching, THEN acting.

Janet Rosen
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