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Re: atemi is 90% of Aikido

Hagen Seibert wrote:
Thanks Soon-Kian for pointing out Shioda Sensei´s book. Could you perhaps post the full paragraph ?
There is more than one paragraph on this topic from Aikido Shugyo, by Shioda G. (translated by Payet J. and Johnston C.), Shindokan International, (c) 2002, pp 19-20:

"In Aikido, atemi is not limited to punching or kicking. Any part of the body can become a weapon for executing atemi. Some of you may have seen me in demonstrations use my back to repel an opponent rushing at me, or my shoulder to send my opponent flying as we pass each other. The reason these techniques work is that the contact point in itself becomes the atemi."

BTW, you can buy this book at

Just out of interest, my Japanese dictionary defines atemi 「当て身・中身」 as (my translation):
"In Judo, by the fist/elbow/foot and suchlike, the technique of thrusting [at] or striking partner's vital areas. Because it is a dangerous technique, it is forbidden in randori or competitions."
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