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Hagen Seibert
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Re: atemi is 90% of Aikido

I really enjoyed reading all the contributions to this thread. In a way it seems most people have heard it from somebody else, but not directly from some kind of source.

Thanks Soon-Kian for pointing out Shioda Senseiīs book. Could you perhaps post the full paragraph ? In most styles of Aikido atemi is rather a means than a technique, i.e. a means to break balance, to distract, to win time for entering, ot to make uke move in a certain way like make him do a block which you can use for e.g. ikkyo on this blocking arm. So naturally (2) will be rarely practised as this would be the original meaning of striking: hit an couse trauma or injury. Though in my opinion itīs a thing one should know (even if you donīt want to use it, because it gives a meaning to your way of atemi). I think I agree with most posters on this thread here.

Ron, is this quotation the same you had in mind ?

George, I think Jamesī post was directed towards people, who have the words on their lips but do not have the experience and knowledge in striking to match it (as indeed itīs rarely part of the regular training, like Soon-Kian said). I think he did not refer to teachers like you or Saotome Sensei.
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