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Pierre Rood
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Re: Religion and Aikido

I started Aikido because of a long time interest in the mysterious movements and the scent of tradition in the wearing of the hakama. Also the interest in Japanese culture played a role.

But soon the mystical and psychological aspects grew more important, and these are now the main motivation to do Aikido. The idea of soluting conflict by ways of not getting harmed while not harming the other is fascinating, because it stands alone in a world where destroying the other, mental and physical, is prominent.

For me the fighting aspect of Aikido and the 'Art of Peace' aspect are validating eachother. They make eachother real in a sometimes bad, sometimes good world. Aikido kan hold itself against anything because of those two, both concrete, dimensions.

Now for me Aikido is a great way of implementing the Christian principle of loving your neighbour, but also of loving your ennemy. And I feel a lot of ennemies may turn into neighbours along the way.
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