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Re: atemi is 90% of Aikido

"I love the Aikido is 90% atemi crowd: lousy command of Aiki bolstered by a theoretical reliance on striking. And since most Aikido schools do little or no striking training, congratulations, you end up with nothing."

How does atemi and a lousy command of Aiki get together. If you bother to look at the film and books you'll notice O'Sensei striking regularly which is hardly theoretical. Because it was de-emphasized by Nidai Doshu does not mean that O'Sensei placed less importance on atemi. Initially, in my research I thought atemi was rarely discussed and found otherwise. Your statement makes it look like those who apply atemi do not apply aiki priniciples. I don't think my shihan would agree with that. That would be as accurate as me saying that all who don't apply atemi are more like dancers than martial artists. It is my opinion that: "The failure to use all the weapons available in a conflict situation demonstrates ignorance of the serious implications of violence."

Chris: no where in the literature do I see O'Sensei taking atemi-on the contrary he is delivering it. Our weakness is to not be very specific or scientific about it and the tendency of a lot of people to use it as a distraction rather than the definition by Sandai doshu "strikes to vital points". Also, thanks for the comment on my website.
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