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Re: atemi is 90% of Aikido

James Bostwick wrote:
I love the Aikido is 90% atemi crowd: lousy command of Aiki bolstered by a theoretical reliance on striking. And since most Aikido schools do little or no striking training, congratulations, you end up with nothing.
Yeah, but tell us what you really think! So either you're just providing a worst-case, gass is all the way empty, scenario, or you're making a generalization. I of course don't know how many of the "atemi crowd" you've experienced. I think atemi is an important aspect of Aikido though. Even if you don't use it, I think you should be able to pretty much any time. It's kind of like the "4-directions" throw: there's an infinite number of directions (within a finite range) you can throw someone. Maybe in the same way someone could say Aikido is 90% atemi and not be as worthless as you just described? After all, language is awefully interpretive and not everyone speaks it literally, as you yourself just demonstrated.
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