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Re: atemi is 90% of Aikido

With out a strike one would be better off using the principle of "ju" and not "aiki". Aiki is (in my opinion) blending with a motion in space. Like a strike coming in. A sword swing, and thrusting jo, a fist or what have you. With out a strike, or something coming at you in space (a body trying to tackle you) there would be nothing to blend with, no intention to connect to, no motion to lead. When purely wrestling one should use the principal of "ju". To move around physical action, when pushed to absorb the force, and flow around it. Judo, and BJJ use pure "ju" to practice their techniques, to flow with someone and find weakness then take advantage of weakness. Aiki is different, aiki seeks to be with your opponents mind long before there is physical action, to read ones intention and use that information advantageously. While aiki can be used in a grappling situation, it is limited in it's application here, it is best suited to dealing with incoming strikes. I believe the quote "aikido is 90% atemi" doesn't have as much to do with nage as it dose with uke, that is to say it's not nage making the "strike" it's uke.

-Chris Hein
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