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Re: atemi is 90% of Aikido

Hagen Seibert wrote:

I frequently heard the quotation of O-Sensei, that "atemi is 90% of Aikido". Now, without the context oft these words one can interprete a lot into the statement. Does anyone know more about this statement, context, source, etc.....

Thanks for your help !
My favorite comment on this subject was from Peter Goldsbury Sensei... He said "atemi is 90 % of Aikdio is wrong... atemi is 100% of Aikido."

Now it is readily apparent from watching Aikido that one doesn't see atemi being executed in every technique. But it's there. It's simply implicit rather than explicit.

It is one of the koans of Aikido to solve this in your training and understand what is meant by it.

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