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Re: committed attack/sensitive ukemi paradox

Everyone has some sound advice. Here's what I have done in the past. When we are learning new techniques I will throw the attack rather than committing it, there is still energy and force, but the focus is diffrent and I fully expect to have my center taken and be led. This always me to react better if nage is going to slip and I have to bail to prevent personal injury and also be more concerned with the feel of the technique so I can help nage fix any flaws. For example, I dont actively fight to keep my center but I dont' just give it away, nage either takes it or the technique will not happen. As I understand my role as an uke, my job is to give the most realistic attack and response possible. This also means that when I am asked to come with a full attack, I come with a full attack and give very little regard to taking the ukemi, if there is any, or if I hit nage or not. Nage either reacts appropriately or does not. You are responsible for the full committment of the attack, not letting nage bring you around smoothly. It is nage's responsiblity to learn to direct and control the energy given because if they cannot, then how can they expect to ever really know what they are doin?
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