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Charles Hill
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Re: committed attack/sensitive ukemi paradox

Hi Paula,

My current thinking is that my answer to your question is no. I am working with the idea that it is the opposite, one begins with connected ukemi that is soft, responsive, and continually going after nage`s center. This approach allows me to work with opening my joints which leads gradually to a kind of intensity that is "heavy" rather than "solid." I do think one could go the other way, but I think that there are many more traps this way. This other way, starting with muscle based power attacks, is the traditional Aikikai Honbu dojo style. It was also apparently a point of contention between Tohei Sensei and O`Sensei. O`Sensei apparently told his students told hold hard and attack strong with the idea that over time they would eventually get soft. Tohei Sensei thought one should start soft. I have heard that Tohei Sensei would make excuses when told to attack strongly and with muscle by saying things like, I drank too much last night so this is about all I can do.

Anyway, this is my current thinking...
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