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Re: Article: Symbols, Metaphors, Change by "The Mirror"

Hi Janet -
I actually read your article, opened a new word doc to write my thoughts, and then abandoned the project 'cause I could not contain myself. Anyway, you did spark a lot of thoughts. I see a lot of things reflected back at me in a physical way through practice. In class yesterday we were working with the concept of "allowing" - yes, sensei taught. I went away with a dissatisfied feeling, which is so unusual and really bugged me. However, I did realize what was wrong. I am a wait-and-see kind of person. I like to mull things over first. I like to know where things are going. If Chris gets an idea about going somewhere or generally making changes to accepted procedures around the house (!), he knows to plant the idea with me about a week in advance. I get comfortable with it, get over my initial resistance to change, and we can get on with it. So just allowing things to happen without a planned end in sight IS VERY HARD FOR ME!!! I'll anticipate, have a plan of attack, know where I want to put uke before he ever gets there (regardless of whether that's where he's on his way to...) I'll be working on this for a while...
Thanks for a very thought-provoking article, Janet!
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