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Eric Webber
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Re: Aiki Doh's

A couple of months ago at yudansha testing, my friend was taking his nidan exam, and the testing panel called for randori with 3 shinai (we use the leather covered ones for safety and mayhem). Two attackers jumped up with their weapons ready, I grabbed my weapons bag grabbed the handle of my shinai, and whipped out uncovered split bamboo stick. I looked at the stick, looked in the bag, looked back at the stick, and by this point the entire dojo is trying not to laugh in an uproar but did start giggling uncontrollably. Needless to say the testing panel asked for someone with a fit weapon to take the ukemi, but I was happy to provide some comic relief and tension release for the test candidates that day. And I got to see my friend do some very nice randori.
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