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I'm going to take my 4th Kyu test next month. I got Aikido3D last night. After installation, I had to log on to their web site to register to get the key. The registration was fast though.

After starting the program, you choose a technique, a computer modeled Donovan and a Uke will show the technique. You can view it from different angle, and slow down the action.

All the techniques are mainly from USAF 5th kyu to 1st kyu tests, no more or less. The style/variation that Donovan has is exactly what my instructor teach us. So I don't have to do any adjustment.

I'm satisfied with Aikido3D. I think it's very useful for a white belt to pass tests. A black belt may find it too basic.

Side notes:

1. Donovan is known for his "soft breakfall". Watching the uke, I think my breakfall that I learnt from my sensei is the soft style. I now wondering what is the "hard breakfall".

2. The Uke doesn't do any back roll. Where normally I do a bankroll (in Iriminage, for example), the Uke turns it into some type of front roll.

Need Improvement:

1. A real video clip in the program would be nice. So I can connect the computer model with real person.

2. No reset button. After slow down the action, I want to watch it in a real life speed. There isn't a way to do it.

3. Since this program seems to target the white belts, it should include the 6th kyu requirements as well, like Ukemi, Shikko, different locks and pins .

I think the program is well worth the price of $60, less than 2 month dojo fee.
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