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Re: Article: Symbols, Metaphors, Change by "The Mirror"

Great Article....thank you. As for your last questions I think it depends on the student. I sometimes ask students how they feel after an excercise. For some of them I can see it is meaningful, for others it is painful or tedious to have to think like that when they want to be training. I do it anyway because it is okay for students (me included) to be uncomfortable.

For myself...having to learn to enter into shomen without any excuses was the best thing that ever could have happened to the time I could not have put word to the feelings.
It was important that I just did it. Now I can look back and see why I was uncomfortable.

Just having to do the moves made it so for the first time I could not manipulate or change a situation and for me that was so needed.
Thanks for helping me think about this.
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