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Re: Article: Aikido - What It Is and What It Isn't by George S. Ledyard

One thought on the idea of the "hombu dojos" quality of teaching lessening.

I don't agree with this statement (at least in Yoshinkan) about *quality* but I do think that there is a difference that could be perceived as "lower quality". My thought is that since a hombu dojo is the source of a style then the purest form of that style must be taught there. Whatever makes the style "unique" must be distilled and handed out at the source so there isn't a lot of room *within hombu* for experimentation and new and interesting things. Changes and variations are very slow to evolve there.

However, all the instructors at the Yoshinkan Hombu also teach outside the dojo and there they are able to experiment and to vary their technique. But when they teach at hombu they teach the purest form of Yoshinkan they have.

I am not 100% sure this is true, but it has been my impression as to why other Yoshinkan dojos outside of the Yoshinkan Hombu have "more interesting and varied" techniques while purely the basics are taught at hombu (with some exceptions for senshusei and uchideshi).

One example that comes to mind is that we once asked Chida Sensei if he had developed any techniques himself. He said that he had. When we asked him to show us, he refused and basically said that whatever he developed wouldn't necessarily follow the ideas of Shioda G. so he couldn't show us.

Just a thought.



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