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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Patrick Crane wrote:
If a bully at school demands your milk money, say "no."
If he hits you hit him back.
It has nothing to do with aikido, martial arts or "street" fighting technique.
It's psych 101.....the kid simply needs to learn, the hard way, where the behavioral boundaries are.
I don't follow how this is related to whether or not Aikido (or any other martial art) is a viable option for self-defense. Also, simply hitting someone back seems like a short-sighted action that has gotten some people even more hurt. I've seen it played out. I would argue even a school-yard bully hitting you has everything to do with martial arts...especially considering many kids these days fancy theselves "thugs" and practically live for a fight. Yeah, sure, show them they can't push you around, but there's a lot more to it than simply hitting them back. Some people, when you hit them back, only have more to prove and will take things to extreams and some of them have very dangerous friends and know where you live. Rare? Yeah, but they're out there and people ought think before simply fighting with them, thinking that will teach them a lesson. Whether I'm right or wrong on specifics such as this matters little, but the consideration of issues like these are exactly what martial arts are all about, thus I think it has everything to do with them.
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