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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Patrick Crane wrote:
IA valid point has been raised, asking what exactly is a "street" fight anyway?

How many of us are gang members out looking to rumble?
How many of us are Navy Seal's or Texas Rangers?

So what really is a "street" fight?
It's when your husband comes home drunk (again) and decides to take his frustrations out on you (again).
It's when your date decides it's time to go "all the way" whether you want to or not.
For men, for the most part, a "street" fight is a figment of our imagination.........unless you happen to be the over-aggressive date (for whom I have no sympathy) who doesn't realize she's a shodan, and end up getting your wrist broken.
Does an ex-biker from Detroit and Army veteran count? As a counselor I have worked a lot of domestic violence and sexual assault cases. There is a reality to the streets. Combat, domestic violence, and rape is not IMHO a "street fight." The next time I have a victim I'll let them know that its just a "figment of our imagination".

I guess you can be grateful that the streets are only in your imagination. For some of us, it has been a reality. For others, it still is.

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